Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nike Spec Commercial (Revive Pictures LLC)

The Red One (it's all the rage)

You'll see that the spot's title ("Perfect Human") is fitting for the most part...and then there is me

I'll agree to do a spec (even come back early from a getaway) if 1)I believe the quality is going to be professional and if 2)it's for something that I'm aiming to do officially. When I first arrived in the city I booked a print gig for Nike Running and have been wanting to do more of the like ever since. So when I got the call (while on a bus heading towards Boston) for a role in a Nike Running Spec, I could hardly turn it down.

It's a very Nike-esque concept: all different types of people running and the message is there is no "perfect" or better yet "we're all perfect".'s a little hard to feel on par standing next to Mr. 6-pack.

Can you see the treadmill? It was a little treacherous running on a applebox-elevated treadmill sans railings, and all the while trying to look hardcore. There were some near wipeouts but luckily nothing full on.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday (shoot day 2)

Agent(Christian)down. BELIEVE me, he had it coming.

Abe playing the part of Luke

Me as Mabel

Wow, I bet you have questions now. I know I know...the outfits, what is happening. Trust that it makes sense in the context of the film.

We had some new crew members join in the fun and talk about making all the difference. Today's AD was on it. She kept us honest and we almost got all that was planned for today. And the new First Camera Assistant?...what a delight! A little green yes, but the key is in the attitude. He was eager to learn without being disruptive and on the rare occasion that he hadn't read the DP's mind he was down with taking orders. A good crew member definitely takes a certain personality.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

CGI Pizza (shoot day 1)

Check out this shot list!

Abe testing out the bike

wheel chair dolly = hallmark of a student production

helping pick up lunch (man, I miss "Spectrauma" food). get a load of bulletproof glass, yah Bushwick.

Yep, back at it. This time it's a Cooper Union short that caught my attention. What can I say, interesting story, interesting role, interesting artistic vision. oh and extra glorious is that there are NO externals!! I'd be ok working out in the cold if I could dress like it was cold outside but inevitably that is never the costume department's vision. So I'm grateful Much of the film is shot in studio in a Lars von Trier's Dogville fashion (I love that movie but understand it's not everyone's cup of tea).

CGI Pizza is not a consequtive-days shoot so be prepared for a bit of erradic posting.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday Thursday

In the "live art"

DJ Tedward

working the "Crazy Gorilla"

That's "Cool Runnings" playing. There were 3 other surrounding screens displaying "Weekend at Bernie's I & II" as well as "Apocalyps Now" (because a party is not a party without a little heart of darkness tribute)

Yue demonstrates how you cap off a night at 2am

Went out yesterday night. The first cold rainy nyc night and somehow I think it's a good idea to go to Brooklyn. hey, it's Thursday Thursday after all, plus it's Yue's last night before she goes away for a month.

The party description posted on the facebook invite read: Gay Beach [this is the East Village Radio Show name] Presents High Tide II w/ DJs Tedward and M. Carter. Live art by MOMO. Crazy Gorilla Photo Op. Pina Colada Booth. Weekend at Bernies I and II. Crazy Party Fun! Absolutely FREE!

Ah-ha! magic words...Weekend at Bernies...classic. didn't know there was a sequel though...pretty sure that's not biologically possible to get away with.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

All Good Things...

What would a wrap be without the wrap party (or as my "civilian" friend called it, our wrapping-it-up party...oh Mads)? It was your pretty standard affair: eating, drinking, 80's music, tarot card reading. I drank my kambucha a little too fast during my reading but, I remember that my essence is some sort of empress and cups came up a lot. Sounds good to me.

Pamela filled Trevor's recent vacancy at Paula's that night. Good plan since we were on the same flight to LGA and it made transportation to the airport more efficient, or so we thought. Guess we hung out chatting around Paula's breakfast table a little too long because we were first scolded by the check-in agent for arriving with only 34 mins to spare and then we found ourselves sprinting for our gate to the sound of our names being announced over loudspeaker. no worries, we made it. We left with snow on the ground and arrived to high 60s absolutely overdressed.

A heartfelt thank you to all back in Colorado who helped see Spectrauma through to film completion. One of the reasons I so adore making films is getting to meet so many amazing people and Spectrauma proved to be a prime example.

One last pic before for DJ drives us to Denver Intl.

The two of us on the jet way after hauling ass to make our flight

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last Looks (shoot day 17)

Are you seeing this?

Derek on sound

Trevor and Michael (dir.)

Us and the Interns

We made it out alive!!!

Last Labyrinth (shoot day 16)

Full Service Talent(we slate and do realignments)

Final scenes left to shoot countdown

We are in the homestretch and getting it done. It was the last day to shoot the rest of the Labyrinth scenes...there were many. We all tucked in for a long long night but, somehow we got it all done just before midnight. I feel the need to mention here just how important food becomes on set. Better than any Kraft Service we often had amazing home cooking from Paula and the Santa Clause like being known as Robin (food would magically appear but know one ever saw this Robin).

Oh, and what New Yorkers would call a blizzard started later in the evening. The drive home was pretty precarious as evidenced by the ridiculous amount of cars wrecked or scattered off the expressway. "What IS this place?"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Of Snow and Trains (shoot day 15)

An interior scene, hooray!!

snowing! wtf?

Ashley, Brett, Dr. October, Kimberly (Christine, Trevor, Neils, Me)

I took so many pictured of the extensive miniature train set, but I'll spare you. Just know it was awesome

Running in to Neils at Whole Foods after the shoot

New locations are always fun. We started the day off back on campus to get in some remaining scenes then after release we reconvened at the Colorado Railroad Museum located in Golden. We were shooting in an antique railroad car which looked great. The only difficulty was that apparently it snows in Colorado in early October.