Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27

I'm still not scheduled to shoot today but, as this is the first day of shooting at the high school, I tagged along. Hoping to get familiar with my character's everyday I wandered around the halls and scoped out "my office". I met Derrick, a very nice teacher of history and geography, who's been teaching at Fairview for 17 years. With a lot of school pride he told me about the school which is 2,000 student's strong and boasts a 95% college admission rate. He showed me faculty offices, where the seniors hang and described what a school day looks like...all great info. Thank you!

Back out on set things were in full swing with some 60 scheduled extras who were all good enough to come back to school even though they just got off for summer break.

The costume truck

Strategic product placement

Some familiar faces: Mike and Tim

Chillin with Andrew who plays Reilly Hayes

Character Jess Selvy's prop school books

Mind's Eye: off days

I've been off these past few days while the production has been plugging away with scenes that don't involve my character. Luckily the weather has been really beautiful and our condo complex has everything you could possibly need. Also it's given me valuable bonding time with Izzie's cat Harley.

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23. First day of the shoot

And here we go!
1st official shoot day. I not going to spill the beans and disclose any story details but we are definitely easing into the production (I spent the shoot in bed). And I can't believe the speed of camera technology advancements. It seems like just yesterday everyone was losing their ish over the new RED ONE sensors and now we are onto the EPIC and everything is wireless! so cool.

Script supervisor doing her thang

Sleeping on the job

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mind's Eye: May 21 & 22nd

I don't officially start shooting until Monday so I took the opportunity to visit with my favorite Denver couple: Mads and Steve. And what do you know, as luck would have it our mutual friend Marie was up from Texas and staying with them! Saturday night we had a fantastic BBQ (a delicious Dr. Praeger's veggie burger for me), followed by a cookie and coffee run to Common Grounds and then a sleep-over which included getting Marie to run lines with me. The next day we all went for a really nice hike in Eldorado Canyon State Park.Steve manning the grill

Good to see you Marie!

Lilly sleeping on the bed.

Steve's note to us in the morning

On our way to Eldorado Canyon State Park

The Continental Divide (the distant snow-capped mountain)

Back at the condo chillin with the delightful Harley

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mind's Eye: the beginning

Touch down Denver International Airport. And so begins my month-and-change long stay in Colorado to film the feature-length "Mind's Eye". I'm happy to be back and completely excited to work on this film. I've been doing my homework on the script for a while now and I can't wait to make it live.

Guess who came to pick me up from the airport? Kristin's back!

Staying in Louisville

And there's Harley, my roommate's wonderful cat

A little snag, locked out.

To every problem there is always a solution

Check out our diggs, yup that is an electric fireplace.

A quick haircut. Hair and makeup were good enough to come out to me, no WAY I'd do that myself.

"Delivery" wins at Year of the Rabbit Film Festival

So that little SVA short I did, "Delivery"? It won at the Year of the Rabbit Festival!

Bob Giraldi

from left to right: Kevin Ko who plays Jeff, the D.P. Vanessa, Me, 1st Camera Rebecca

and now with Dir. Andrew Teoh

NOVA: Fabric of the Cosmos

As I am a born an raised New Englander, I practically grew up on Boston station WGBH. And the NOVA series is a staple of our public schools. So, I was thrilled to be asked to play a featured role in the upcoming NOVA series "Fabric of the Cosmos" hosted by renowned theoretical physicist and string theorist Brian Greene (makes sense since he wrote the book.

Cinema World out in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

some of the crew from Boston. It was nice to be amongst Red Sox fans for a change.

Dir. Julia

The gang and Brian Greene in the middle


Hello! Long time no see.
So this is my return to the blog. Rest assured I've been actively working but, let's not live too much in the past.

I recently played the role of Angela in an SVA short titled "Delivery" Directed by Andrew Teoh and with the executive producer: Bob Giraldi of Micheal Jackson's "Beat It" fame. It was only after I booked and accepted the role that I found out about Mr. Giraldi's involvement so, once again: do a freakin good job because you just never know.

The cast: Me as "Angela", Frank Wong as "Ming", Yan Xi as "Wan", Kevin Ko as "Jeff" and Peter as "Restaurant Boss"

Make up Artist Amber gives Frank a black eye

Day 1, 1st location
Juan on sound

D.P. Vanessa Rees

In the center is Dir. Andrew Teoh

Day 1, 2nd location: Night shoot in a Chinatown restaurant

Day 2, 1st location: Chinatown park

Day 2, 2nd location.
Amber makes me up